Smart Mirror Digital



Smart Mirror is an digital mirror providing a different way of listening to music and new sensations of light, sound and gestures. The hidden secret of this Smart Mirror is represented by an advanced gestural interface with sensors that detect the movements of the hand and allow controlling your music without touching the phone.
At first glance is simply a handsome oval mirror. But within this egg-shaped object lies another world waiting to be born: music. Music can be stored on a music library on your smartphone, tablet and computer or streamed via Bluetooth from online services and internet radio stations.
The best thing about Smart Mirror is that is controlled by hand movements, which means you can even have wet hands. Your various hand movements can control the volume, skip to the next song, or even pause the song you’re on. That means you can use the Digital Mirror in a bathroom or kitchen where you might not want to stab at buttons with wet or greasy fingers.
Open Mirror is a minimalist design digital mirror. The shape is divided by a line of light that suggests the direction of the decomposition of the figure. The sliding movement reveals the functions of the product. The docking station comes out and a different light starts to illuminate the area where the sensors are active.
Winner of the Core 77 Award, SMART MIRROR has received remarkable international press coverage and was featured on TED TALKS ideas worth sharing.
The smart mirror is available for worldwide international delivery free of charge. Feel free to contact us to receive more information on this product.