The professional activity of Habits Studio has always challenged future needs and necessities channeling key findings into research for new functional and expressive codes. This led to the spin-off of Digital Habits, a completely new experience and a scenario in which present and future meet. Habits is an industrial design Studio with multiple experiences of international relevance, Digital Habits is the result of a dream. The design approach of Digital Habits – a company formed by the unrestricted enlightened minds of Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi – takes a new angle to look at products, connecting with them and developing new habits. The creations of Digital Habits are not simply products or graphic interfaces; they are experiences resulting from the contamination of electronics, technology, traditional design and physical computing. The new paradigms of this exploration of the future are open source design, digital manufacturing and natural interfaces.
The Digital Habits collection consists of five interactive products that intervene on multiple levels of human perception creating an elementary relationship between actions and results, between behavior and settings. These items designed for the home acquire new meaning thanks to an original approach that balances the physical world and the virtual habits. Digital Habits is a platform of innovation where designers share projects with consumers: the resulting products are not simply innovative prototypes but they are designed to be produced, used and loved by consumers.