ambilight speaker


CROMATICA is a light speaker: a color led design lamp and a Bluetooth loudspeaker controlled through a touch interface and a lamp app. Cromatica makes perfect integration between light, sound and gestures. CROMATICA creates an ambient experience by fusing light and sound.
CROMATICA comes with a white and colored RGB dimmable light to create ambient effects. Light is provided by the combination of two types of LED lighting, white for practical comfort lighting and RGB to create an adjustable array of colored lighting.
The warm white lighting creates a pleasant tone; ideal for reading it can be dimmed to produce convivial, welcoming atmospheres. The two lighting systems can be regulated independently and can be mixed to produce an infinite number of combinations in a way that colored light can be added to allow an endless palette of suggestive hues.
CROMATICA is also a powerful Bluetooth speaker. The sound is managed by a Class D amplifier developed to produce an excellent response to all frequencies.
The lamp app lets you control the light, saving your favorite color effects. Connecting to the lamp via Bluetooth you can select the color and adjust the intensity of the white light. The app also comes with a set of light effects to show the potential of the lamp. These include effects that mimic the flickering of a candle, the color variation of a sunset, the warmth of a sunrise. For advanced users, a special section of the application allows to control in detail all the elements of the light. This gives the possibility to create new dynamic, multi-colored and surprising effects.
CROMATICA is a multi-purpose light speaker but it is also our vision of the evolution of electronics that is moving in a more human direction.
CROMATICA comes with a USB port to allow the possibility to charge devices such as smartphones with 5V supply
CROMATICA is available for worldwide international delivery free of charge. Feel free to contact us to receive more information on this product.