Follow this procedure to update the software of your CROMATICA. Please refer to the CROMATICA User Manual to carefully complete all the actions described in this procedure (e.g. how to Reset CROMATICA). Please note a USB to USB cable is required to connect CROMATICA to your Windows PC and complete the upgarde process.


Download and install the latest version of CROMATICA:


1) Download the latest version of the CROMATICA firmware at the following LINK


2) Connect CROMATICA to the power supply. Wait 5-10 seconds then press the RESET button with a nail for more that 5 seconds; A LED on top starts blinking and then turns to still RED. CROMATICA is now in re-programming STATUS.


3) Connect CROMATICA to your PC via the USB port (you need a USB to USB cable in order to complete this action). Make sure no other devices than CROMATICA are connected to your windows PC.


4) Once the download process specified on point 1) has completed, click on the icon and start the program you just downloaded:

– From the “Hex file” box click on “…” and select file starting with “cromatica_fw_xxxxxx.hex”

– From the list of available COM ports, select the COM port associated to CROMATICA.


5) Click on the “Upload” button to load the new version of CROMATICA. The upload procedure starts. Once the installation process is finished a message “xxxxx bytes uploaded” is displayed and all LEDs on top of CROMATICA turn OFF.


6) Disconnect CROMATICA from the USB Cable. CROMATICA is now upgraded and ready to use.



A) I cannot set CROMATICA in re-programming STATUS:

In some situations there might be a tension variation which does not allow CROMATICA to reach reprogramming status. Unplug and re-plug CROMATICA from the power supply and execute the RESET procedure (i.e. push the reset button with a nail for 5 seconds)


B) CROMATICA is not recognized as valid USB device:

When you connect CROMATICA to your windows PC, the system automatically searches for the right driver to communicate with CROMATICA. In some situations the PC system cannot find the right driver to communicate with CROMATICA and a message “USB device not recognized” is displayed. In this case you need to manually download and install the right driver at the following LINK. Unzip the archive and run the Driver Installation Tool. IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must re-boot your PC after the driver installation and before you attempt a new CROMATICA Update.


C) Message “Cannot open port”:

Once you have clicked on the “Upload” button of the firmware loader a message “Cannot open port” is displayed. This situation can happen because the system cannot recognize CROMATICA as a valid USB device or because you are using the wrong COM port. In the first case please follow the procedure at Point B). In the second case you are using the wrong COM port from the list of available ports a need to select the COM port to which CROMATICA is associated. To simplify this step please make sure no other USB devices are connected to your window PC.


In case of issues while performing this procedure please contact us at:
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Milano, Italy
T +39 02 89778546
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