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X-VOID (Experience Void) brings to life a new generation of air gesture smart interfaces: usually user interfaces add elements and physical controls to the object, but in X-VOID the interface is conceived in an original way, with a reduction of elements. The interface disappears in the void.
This way, the user interacts with the products by acting in the void in a very intuitive way, adjusting the different functions. The interface becomes the perimeter and coincides with the object.
The installation presented at Superstudio shows the full potential of the ultra-thin Air Gesture technology in two scenarios that make the void the interface’s topic:
1. A ring-shaped interface, which helps to adjust the brightness and the hue of the light, simply by placing a hand inside X-VOID
2. A transparent cylinder with the Air Gesture Control technology on the top area of X-VOID, which makes it perfect for being placed on very thin objects and surfaces.
Digital Habits presents X-VOID at Milano Design Week 2017 in superstudio.