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OSOUND XL the Air Gesture Control Bluetooth Loudspeaker by Digital Habits is the new born of the OSOUND family.
The size of the sound disk is increased (85 centimetres diameter), as well as the audio performance thanks to a 3 ways driver system: tweeter, mid-range and subwoofer. OSOUND XL becomes a product with an impressive sound image and powerful volume suitable for listening music in wider areas, such as living or entertainment rooms.
Its size makes OSOUND XL a piece of smart furniture rather than just a well-designed electronic device.
The selected fabrics enhance the stylistic mark of OSOUND XL’s and make it versatile to fit the interior of every home. The chromatic effect of OSOUND XL is created by complementary colors interposed vertically. The different levels of brightness in the fabric contribute to create attractive chromatic shades.
The OSOUND XL user interface is based on Air Gesture Technology which becomes visible to the user with an elegant ring-shaped light placed behind the fabric. The ring is used to delimit the area in which the interaction between the user and the object occurs. The ring lights up when the user approaches and it pulses when it’s connected to Bluetooth; by a swiping gesture, it is possible to skip to the next or the previous track and a circular hand motion around the interactive ring adjusts the volume.
The air gesture control interaction is based on intuitive gestures already known to the user, interpreted by the software and transformed into actions on the content and the quality of the played sound.
Digital Habits presents OSOUND XL during SuperDesignShow – Milano Design Week 2017 at Fuorisalone in superstudio.
Speaker System: 3-ways driver system for detailed high-frequency response
Power Amplifiers: High Fidelity Class D Amplifiers delivering 250W for an immersive sound experience
Frequency Response: 24 Hz to 20 kHz
Bluetooth 4.0 high-quality audio and control streaming for any device.
Air Gesture Control User Interface to control OSOUND XL with simple hand gestures
Power: 100-240 AC 50-60 Hz
Size: 90 cm diameter x 10 cm
Weight: 10 Kg